Why do we do the things we do?


I was recently asked how I came to be doing what I’m doing (working with families and dogs). This really made me smile. As, over the last three years I have asked this question of myself many times.

May I ask you a question?

Have you ever taken time to reflect on your journey, the path you have taken so far? Stopped and asked yourself what brought you to this point.

In taking time to reflect over past experiences, jobs and training I discovered that the roles I enjoyed most were the ones in which I felt I could help someone, perhaps make some small difference in someone else’s life. I place a high value on this as in the past someone did this for me and it proved to be a turning point in my life and something I will never forget, and forever be grateful for.

My past experiences have been varied but I believe everything is relative and we are constantly learning. But two things spring to mind firstly having 25+ years, experience of children both personally and career wise I have gained considerable knowledge and an understanding about how children learn, their development, emotions, what motivates them etc. I love how they learn and take in information, looking for the answers and not over thinking or complicating life. The second thing that comes to mind is that from a young age I always felt loved and most at peace when surrounded by animals and some of my fondest memories were when we were dropped off to stay at Grannies every Summer and being surrounded by farm animals … heaven.

That being said it has taken me a long time and some wise words given to me in a conversation about finding my music and what makes my heart sing and it has definitely (and still does at times) scared me, stepping out and giving it a go. It is not always easy to take a chance on you, and I guarantee you will face many challenges and lots of hills, some of them are huge ;)

It may work and it may not, but consider this, if you don’t try you will never know. But what I would like to offer is, that if you take that chance and put your energy into doing something you love, you will experience something very special in your life.

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