Getting a new dog or puppy?


Can't wait to get a new dog or puppy? Read on.

There is absolutely, no mistaking that feeling when you bring a new little friend to share your home and your heart, that, being said it is not always plain sailing. But like most things in life if you put in the work at the beginning you reap the rewards down the line and in this case get things off to a much better start for all.

Before jumping in answer these 3 questions they may help you or at least get you thinking about what’s best for everyone.

  1. What sort of lifestyle do you lead? Is it sedentary or active? Being truthful about this can help you decide on the type of dog which will fit in best with your lifestyle.
  2. What experience have you currently or previously had around dogs? This may help you decide if a puppy is the best fit for your household or would an older dog with some; experience’ under its paws suit your particular circumstances better. As much as puppies are adorable, int eh early stages they take a ‘doggone’ lot of work and commitment in order to get things off to the best possible start for both the dog, humans and anyone or anything else they may meet. I often have new puppy owners tell me as they roll their eyes in despair that; it’s harder than having a new baby in the house – what, with the teething, crying, clinging, making strange, feeding, learning how to behave appropriately and not forgetting the toilet training.
  3. Should I rescue or buy from a breeder? – this is of course a personal choice which at the end of the day comes down to you. Personally, I believe that there are so many amazing dogs in shelters that are living in hope at the chance of a new forever home. I fell in love with both of my dogs at rescue centres and they are both fab dogs, but in the past, I have also chosen to go through a reputable certified breeder. As previously said it really is up-to you, just take your time, consider all options, don’t be pressurised and regardless of which choice you make just make sure to do your homework first, don’t be swayed by pity, guilt or cuteness, ask the right questions, meet the dog/pup first ask to see parents if a pup and do your research.

Wishing you and your new friend a wonderful lifetime together.

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