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Aaaagh we got a new puppy!!!

Did you grow up with pets in your house? Can you remember what it felt like? Did they make you feel safe or like you had someone to talk to who you could trust without judgement? I know I did!

Bringing a new puppy into your life is an amazing thing to do, it can bring so much love into a home, it can teach us about caring for others, having empathy and understanding for all living creatures, learn about responsibility, commitment and even illness and saying goodbye.

The above is all true but what’s also true is that if you have not thought about or planned for introducing a new puppy into your home you may end up feeling frustrated or asking yourself what have-you done, as your sanity is challenged by this small, cute, cuddly bundle of fur who is now showing behaviours that weren’t planned for: chewing, nipping, jumping up, barking and more.

Resulting in tension, disagreements, shouting, blaming and a feeling of overwhelm and sometimes regret. These feelings often come about because we start doubting ourselves and the decision we have made.

Puppy socialisation classes are a great way to learn new knowledge, skills and tips about how to do the best by your new furry friend, in class you can try out proven methods in a safe, supportive environment with an opportunity to seek clarification and know that you are not alone, with the added benefit of building a positive bond with your puppy in an enriching environment that is fun for all of you.

You will gain a better understanding of why early socialisation is essential to supporting puppies grow into calm and happy dogs that are a valued member of the family.

You will learn new skills gain new knowledge about dog behaviours and have an opportunity to let your puppy socialise in a safe and supervised environment.

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