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About us


Hi, I'm Mary and I am delighted to welcome you to my page. Combined with my love of helping people and animals and my many years of experience of training and education I have learned that the best way to get the results you desire is through knowledge and understanding and one of the best pieces of knowledge I can arm you with around dogs is that communication is key.

And with this key, you will not only be able to understand your dog better, but you will also learn the skills to effectively communicate with them. I know from experience that it is alack of effective communication between us that that causes conflict and frustration.

My aim is to help you understand why dogs think and act in certain ways then armed with this knowledge you are well on your way to eliminating those problems behaviors that leave you feeling unsure, frustrated and doubting yourself and instead start building a beautiful bond built on trust and harmony.

Puppies are amazing and I absolutely love everything about them, but they are hard work and not to be invited in without plenty of thought and consideration. In reality bringing home a new puppy is in many ways not that different to bringing a new baby home – yes, I’m serious they take, need and deserve that much commitment, but so long as you know and understand this then you can work through it together.

When you bring your new bundle of joy home, it is an exciting and emotional time. And without a doubt, you want to build a solid bond with your new canine companion.

Our aim at The Dog Knows is to help you build that special friendship with your puppy. By making sure you feel confident and capable of getting them off to the best possible start. We believe positive action leads to positive results. And we do this by combining education, training, and positively, fun methods for you and your dog.

By the end of our time together you will be well equipped with the skills, knowledge, confidence and understanding to support your dog or puppy in a way that makes sense to both you and to them.

I love nothing better than hearing from families and individuals who although, may be feeling a little nervous or anxious, are on the road to meeting their new furry friend. I have had calls from people who:

  • Really want to make sure they do all the right things by their puppy so that it knows it is loved, safe and wanted.
  • Are at the point of puppyhood but as it gets nearer, they begin to feel overwhelmed and are asking themselves if the time is right or will it have a bit impact on their current lifestyle.
  • Aren't against having a puppy at some point just not now but are feeling under pressure from other family members and they don't know how to say this without causing conflict at home.
  • Have talked together as a family about responsibility and commitment but don't know how to find the right dog for their family.
  • Who have heard awful things about puppy farming, worry about getting it wrong or are torn between a pedigree or giving a dog from a shelter a home.
  • Don't know what a new puppy needs, how to settle them in and how to deal with the typical puppy behaviours. And because of this feel they won't cope or make a mistake.

But please remember you are not alone and all of the above and other feelings are normal and felt by many of us in those early days. And with the right commitment, knowledge, skills and understanding you will be the best friend little puppies dream about.

The power and benefits of positive reinforcement

Effective communication skills

Building mutual respect

Social skills and confidence building

Training tips. Tools and techniques

Understanding your dog better

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