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Why an Edu-Camp?

Summer camps are a fantastic way for children to try something new, perhaps learn a new skill, meet a new circle of friends or maybe they are just animal mad. We love the fact that no two children are the same which is why we feel it is so important to offer something different and unique just like them.

Our camps offer a lovely opportunity for our junior trainers to join in pet related fun and with experiential learning the name of the game. An opportunity for children to shine and gain confidence in a supportive and encouraging environment with their peers.

These sessions will include days with their dog and days just for them with a combination of creativity, games, training, obstacle courses and on occasions guest speakers/special visitors.

Sample learning topics will include; breeds of dogs, vet visits, boundaries, expectations, think dog, talk dog, body language, respect and responsibility.


We absolutely believe in the power of education and want to be reach as many children and young people as we can to help spread an attitude of kindness, compassion and understanding because we know that if we can instil these positive attributes in young children they will be armed with powerful skills which they can take through to adulthood.

Imagine a world filled with more empathy for all living things how beautiful would that be?


Rolled out over five weeks this one-hour practical, informative programme is aimed at helping and encouraging children develop empathy and understanding for animals as well as fostering an understanding around the important role people play in caring and showing kindness to all living creatures.

Tailored to meet the age of the groups, this programme looks at the importance of:

  • Health & safety around dogs.
  • Kindness, empathy and respect.
  • How to understand what dogs are trying to tell us.
  • Communicate clearly with our dogs.
  • Being a good pet owner.

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