Taster Session


This free 1-hour interactive session provides a great opportunity for children to have fun with their dog while they get a feel for the types of trick training they will be working on during the class. Trick training is great for building confidence in both child and dog and leaves the children feeling proud of both their dog and their own efforts and abilities.


An opportunity to see how their child and dog will get on in the class, get to meet the trainer, learn about what to expect during the term, general information on attending the classes, get to have a sneak pre-view and have a Q&A session with the trainer.


As it is important that all children and dogs feel comfortable, confident and safe in the class our taster sessions are a lovely, gentle way for the trainer to assess how the child can:

  • Manage their dog/puppy in the setting. is the child strong enough to manage the dog on their own, are they able to understand the rules around safety in the class and take instruction as part of a group.
  • Is the dog confident calm and friendly enough for this type of class and where each dog is at in relation to focus and stage of training.


  • An introduction to the classroom environment with new dogs, new smells and new people.
  • Lots of fun, exercise and treats rolled into one.

* All dogs/puppies must be up-to date with their vaccinations and be people and dog friendly.

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