Positive Kids


With a focus on promoting positive coaching methods and effective communication, children and their dog/puppy bond through learning the essential basics of training, fun tricks and even beginner agility games.

During the term children are shown how to teach their dog the basics such as sit, stay, come, walk nicely on lead etc, as well as how to perform some fancy tricks, start working on the basics of agility training (something which can be continued into adulthood) and also discussions about how to respect and look after their ‘best friend’.

These sessions are great for the children and their furry friend as within a supportive and encouraging environment which sets out to see each child and dog succeed together, they will make new friends, use up lots of energy, grow in confidence and self-esteem while also being supported in building a beautiful bond with their pet dog/puppy.

Children learn so much throughout these practical sessions and have great pride in showing off their new knowledge and skills to parents, family and friends.

1-to-1 Support: If you feel your child is nervous, shy, anxious or needs extra support please get in touch to arrange a chat to see how we can help. One-to-one work can be provided in certain circumstances.

* All dogs/puppies must be up-to date with their vaccinations and be people and dog friendly.

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